New Trees Green Up Local Parks

Speaking of combined sewer and storm drains, Metro Parks received a MSD grant for tree planting in parks that lie within the area of the city served by combined sewers. Two of those parks were Breslin and Irish Hill Parks. Metro Parks selected, sited and planted the new trees which they will water for 3 years. As a bonus, Metro Parks will assume watering responsibility for the oaks and maple that IHNA and Brightside had planted last year.


In Breslin, we have new dogwoods, a sawtooth oak, a scarlet oak, a sugar maple, witch hazels, serviceberries and a tree lilac. In Irish Hill, we received (12) dogwoods and (3) sawtooth oaks. Thanks to MSD for recognizing the benefit of using trees to reduce stormwater runoff and thanks to Metro Parks for managing the design, installation and maintenance of our new plantings.