Love Your Creek Part 1— The Stormwater/Beargrass Connection

You probably do a lot of things to help clean up our environment. This month, we’ll tell you about some other little known environmental issues right in your neighborhood. And we’ll tell you why it is a good thing to reduce stormwater pollution.


When we say ‘stormwater,’ we just mean rain or snow. Stormwater pollution is bad news for our Beargrass Creek. It’s not only the pollutants that the stormwater picks up that are problematic, but it’s also the water itself. In Irish Hill, we have combined sewer and storm drains, so a big rain storm can overflow the system and cause sewage to be released into the creek. In the big picture, we want to do the following things.


  • Increase the amount of water filtering into the ground, reduce the amount of runoff and pollutants washing into our streams;
  • Help to improve water quality for aquatic creatures in Beargrass Creek and other local streams;
  • Help sustain water flow in our community’s streams during dry weather;
  • Reduce the chance of flooding in our community;
  • Help protect the banks of Beargrass Creek from the eroding effects of large volumes of water travelling at high speeds;
  • Reduce the necessity and cost of stormwater treatment facilities;
  • Provide habitat for birds, bees and butterflies;
  • Enhance the beauty of your property and neighborhood.


In LOVE YOUR CREEK Part II, we’ll talk about simple things that you can do to help, brought to us by Beargrass Creek Alliance,