Irish Hill Still Seeing RED This Fall

Weather permitting, this Monday, Apr. 15, Irish Hill Park will be receiving (5) new trees-  (2) Red Oaks, (2) Red Sunset Maples and (1) Commemoration Sugar Maple which will reach 80 ft, 45 ft and 50 ft, respectively, when they reach full maturity. All should be blazing red this fall! Our new tree canopy will not only be beautiful, but will cleanse the air, provide shelter and shade, and reduce the urban heat-island effect.

Many thanks to all involved in this endeavor:

  • Center for Neighborhoods for the hookup
  • Louisville Metro Tree Advisory Commission member & Seneca Gardens Arborist, Michael Hayman for making it happen
  • Brightside for the $1000 grant
  • Green Ridge Farm in E-town for the 3 ½” caliper trees
  • Greenhaven Tree Care for installation
  • Metro Parks for the excavation and advice

Irish Hill has pledged to help care for our new big babies. We plan to get some tree gator bags to keep them watered this summer and will post a watering schedule. If you can be available once a month or so, to help on a watering, it would help so much. Please send your contact info to