“Louisville’s Next Top Neighbor” could be from Irish Hill

The Irish Hill Neighborhood Association is looking for nominations for Louisville’s Next Top Neighbor.  IHNA is a member organization of the Center For Neighborhoods (CFN).  Below is an excerpt from their website describing the program.

If you would like to nominate someone as a Top Neighbor, please send an email to info@irishhillneighbors.org and we will get the nomination form to you. We are also looking for location suggestions within the neighborhood.

Center For Neighborhoods is excited to announce our next public art program,“Louisville’s Next Top Neighbor 

Louisville’s Next Top Neighbor is an inspiring mural project promoting neighborhood leaders who exemplify the “21st Century Neighbor” from all 26 districts. This is an important opportunity to recognize neighborhood leaders who are asking “What’s Next?” and improving the quality of life and the environment within their community. 


A total of 40 portraits will be completed – 20 in Fall 2011 and 20 in Spring 2012. One neighbor will be selected from all 26 Metro Council districts from nominees submitted by the Metro Councilperson and the remaining 14 nominees will come from the CFN Neighborhood Association Members.


During the month of November, portraits of Louisville’s Next Top Neighbors will be completed at the specific locations. Center For Neighborhoods will announce the dates and time at which the artwork will be available for public viewing.


Louisville’s Next Top Neighbor is being funded by a generous gift from Owsley and Christy Brown.


Please feel free to contact Lisa at 502.589.0343 or lisad@centerforneighborhoods.org with any questions or to receive more information.

Nomination Criteria for Louisville’s Next Top Neighbor:

  1. A good steward of their neighborhood and the community who strives to protect and preserve the environment thereby improving the lives of others.
  2. A neighborhood leader who understands the important role of the local community in a global world.
  3. A neighborhood leader who demonstrates their passion for improving their neighborhood by addressing environmental concerns in order to improve the quality of life within their community.
  4. A neighborhood leader who empowers neighbors by being an inspiration for positive change and asks “What’s Next Louisville?”
  5. A neighborhood leader who is engaged with the community to strengthen the neighborhood identity.
  6. A neighborhood leader who celebrates and embraces diversity of culture, thought, and ability by promoting understanding and cooperation Metro-wide.

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