Irish Hill and Social Media

The Irish Hill Neighborhood Association is engaging social media.


Thanks to a friendly and socially-tech savvy Irish Hill neighbor, you can follow Irish Hill news, events and current information on Facebook.   The Facebook page has remained dormant for a little over a year, but is taking on new role in IHNA’s ability to get information to the people of Irish Hill.  Plus, YOU can share information and comments with the whole neighborhood.  IHNA looks forward to being your “friend” and linking the neighborhood together!  Login to Facebook, search for “Irish Hill” and you will see our logo. Or better yet, just click this link. Become a member of our group today!

And that’s not all — we have a Twitter account.  You can follow us by finding @IrishHillNA or the hashtag #IHNA


One thought on “Irish Hill and Social Media

  1. Love the web site thought maybe as it is tweeked somehting”Irish” could be added to the banner line like a shamrock or blarney stone . just something to do with Ireland. I hope to make it back to the neighborhood for one of the events. Lived at 1133 roger moved to 1133 Payne and we just sold my Mom’s house there about 6 years ago. My father was a Louiville Fire Fighter so the old firehouse on Roger holds many a good memories. It is the reason a lot of the guys from the neighboorhood went on to be in the fire departemnt including my brother who recently passed away at 56 years.. So many good memories of that area when we were growing up. Hope it can continue to give good memories for the future. Good job with the neighboorhood involvement.

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