Construction Has Begun on Breslin Park

If you have driven past the Lexington Rd / Payne St intersection, you have likely noticed the construction in Breslin Park.  After taking out the Breslin Pool, Metro Parks went to work on creating and implementing a new Master Plan.  The new design includes the upgraded playground equipment (already in place), a splash park, a shade structure and … wait for it …. TREES!  The Plan is set in three phases, and last we heard was that Phase 1 and Phase 2 would be able to be done simultaneously.

Irish Hill Neighborhood Association asked for as many trees as possible (as well as other design ideas). Originally, the planting of the trees was to be done after Phase 3 was complete.  This was mostly due to funding arrangements. After much discussion with Metro Parks and the Parks Foundation, they were able to find funding and some sizable trees that can be planted when Phase 1 and Phase 2 is completed.

Click this link –> Breslin Plan 2010 <– for a PDF of the current Breslin Park Master Plan.  Phase 1 and Phase 2 includes the spray ground and shade structure, as well as the landscaping and walking loop on the north and east side of the park.  Some of the new parking surface is included in the Phase 1 and Phase 2 construction. Phase 3 Construction is the rest of the walking loop and additional landscaping.

We will keep you posted as we have additional information.