Mediative Urbanisms Online Gallery – Now Available

The Irish Hill Neighborhood Association is pleased to announce that entries to the Mediative Urbanisms Design Contest are now available online.

Complete coverage of Mediative Urbanisms is available on the page link at the top of this web site.  Each entry has also been prepared as an individual post on 11/12/2009.  Each entry’s post has the entrant’s name and contact information, and links to the renderings that were submitted.  Where narratives were provided, the narrative is listed in the post as originally submitted.  Each entry participant (or team) retain the copyright of their work and may not otherwise be reproduced without permission.

This project could not have been possible without the support of our sponsors:

And of course, we couldn’t have picked a winner without the Jury:

  • Chris Bowling, AIA LEED AP
  • J. Michael McCoy, RLA, Director of Planning – Center for Neighborhoods
  • Bruce Scott, Kentucky Waterways Alliance
  • Jason Scroggin, Asst. Professor of Architecture – University of Kentucky
  • Barbara Sinai, Architect

The IHNA is thankful for your interest in this project and welcome your feedback by sending an email to