Mediative Urbanisms – Entry 126

Mediative Urbanisms – Entry 126

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Judson Moore – judson (at) farm-arc (dot) net
Portland, OR

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The aeratorpark is a new urban park and transit center for the city of Louisville, KY that integrates the productive potentials of transportation networks, alternative land use strategies and embedded remediation technologies to create a highly adaptable cultural center and highly functional pollutant filtering landscape.

Previously inhabited by distilleries and metal scrap yards, the site holds extraordinary potential as a cultural and metropolitan destination, but requires extensive clean up. Responding to the primary concern of contamination, the aeratorpark is strategized around the transformative and economical organization of remediation berms. Contaminated soil is efficiently graded into three areas of treatment, creating fields of phytoremediation furrows and filtering swales. All of the existing on-site materials, waste and structures are recycled and reorganized to detain, treat, and filter any previous or future pollutants. Additionally the berming produces a unique topography for numerous programmatic conditions as an urban park and transit hub.

Building on the unique location and existing topography of the site, the aerator park employs the intelligent control of hydrology to facilitate the development two principle ecological zones. The condensing fields represent the open and previously programmed areas of the site. The berms filter water to treat existing soil conditions and aid in the passive control of hydrology. The creek bed, defined by steep embankments and western flood plain, is reapproprated as an urban forest, further filtering the sites watershed, and providing a viable carbon sink.