Mediative Urbanisms – Entry 121

Mediative Urbanisms – Entry 121

Presented by:

Moa Carlsson – moa.carlsson (at) gmx (dot) net
United Kingdom

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On an abandoned brown field site, cut in 3 by a wild beautiful creek, a urban network with key elements BARN, ARCH and HIGH RISE, is proposed to achieve 3 fundamental goals.

BARN – Firstly, Beargrass Creek needs to become a place, it needs an identity. Through the provision of a 100’ riparian corridor, the network allows Beargrass Creek to discover itself and mature. White as snow falling from the gray sky, glowing like building lanternas, urban barns and mineral pedestrian paths constitute a borderline between superimposed urban and current wild.A clear but transparent boundary between green and urban creates interest by making places of great diversity. Diversity is essential to bring life to the area without a complete transformation. Additional barns create a commercial facade facing lexington road and an elevated library with bus hub underneath opposite headliners music hall. The elevated library provides views in to the full depth of the site, the creek, the elevated park and the arches.

ARCH – The second goal of the network is to merge the site with the immediate and distant exist­ing city fabric. By achieving the fist goal of creating identity around the creek, there is no need to encapsulate the area further. A arch structure is proposed to bridge over the adjacent railway im­mediatly north of the site binding it to the areas north and north east. The arch structure provides a safe and crucial noise barrier with a typical 25m offset from the tracks. In the arches are spaces suitable for workshops, ateliers or offices. The arch structure also constitutes the foundation for the elevated park running along the north edge of the site. The elevated park connects to com­munal spaces located on level 3 of the residential high rises.

HIGH RISE – on each of the 3 main parts of the site a residential high rise is proposed. The high rises seek to provide high quality living spaces within a context of great communal welth, commercial oppotunities as well as wild untouched nature at the doorstep. The sloping site is beneficial for building high but a maximum height of 1o stories is suggested to leave views from surrounding areas uninterrupted.

The proposed design seek to enrich existing qualities of the site while making it a true asset for surrounding areas. The new identity will remain although visitors might just pass through the site in a hurry, much like the water running down the creek.