Public Meeting scheduled for property at 1201 Payne St

The IHNA was sent a letter of a public notice regarding the property at 1201 Payne St (formerly Baxter Station). Below is the information about THEIR meeting. If you are an interested party and want to attend the meeting, here is the information from the property’s representative
Cardinal Planning & Design, Inc.
9009 Preston Highway
Louisville, KY 40219
(502) 419-4648 Fax: (502) 968-7077

TO: Landowners near 1201 Payne Street- Proposed Ciao restaurant
FROM: Kathryn Matheny
RE: NOTICE for Neighborhood Meeting on Proposed Zoning Change

Change is from R6 to C1 Case no. 15Zone1026

DATE: September 11, 2015

A proposal to rezone the property containing a former restaurant is being prepared for the Louisville Metro Planning Commission. The rezoning is to allow this restaurant to reopen under new ownership. Internal conversions to the building and an expansion into a former storage area do not allow this building to have “non-conforming” or “grandfather rights’ to continue operations. This existing structure will have cosmetic improvements to the outside with a more open look in the front and side street area along Cooper Street. The building will not expand and there is NO outdoor dining. Parking will continue along the street as it was for the former restaurant. A Parking study was performed in August to determine available street parking in the area at the lunch and dinner hours.

In accordance with the procedures of Louisville Metro Planning and Design Services, we are inviting adjoining and nearby property owners and neighborhood representatives to discuss this proposal before it is formally filed with that agency. The site layout has already been submitted to Louisville Metro Public Works and the Metropolitan Sewer District for review and comments. An informal meeting with the neighborhood to discuss this plan is scheduled for WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 23, 2015 at 7:00pm. The meeting will be held at DIORIOS RESTAURANT located at 919 Baxter Avenue, Louisville, KY 40204. A copy of the proposed site plan layout will be available for you to review.

At the meeting, representatives of the project will be present and answer any questions you have on the plan. You may also call me, Kathy Matheny at 502 419-4648 if you have questions about this proposal prior to the meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to address any questions you have early in the process. We encourage you to attend the meeting if you have any concerns. After this meeting, the plan will be formally submitted for review by the Metro Planning Commission and its staff. You will also receive additional notices on these latter meetings.

2015-08 Summer Newsletter

During this Labor Day weekend, volunteers will be hand delivering the Summer Newsletter.  If you don’t live in the neighborhood and want to see what is happening, you can see or download a copy by clicking  this link:

2015-08 2015 Summer Newsletter.

Here’s is a summary of what you find inside your newsletter.

  • September Neighborhood Meeting featuring guest speaker Cindy Sullivan
  • Call for Board Members
  • Updates to the Website
  • What’s happening on Lexington Rd
  • Current status on the 1201 Payne St. Property
  • News from Breckinridge-Franklin Elementary School
  • And how you can become a member of Irish Hill

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