Proposed Development – Baxter Flats

Dear Irish Hill Neighborhood Members,

Kevin Jaggers from Alltrade attended the last Irish Hill Neighborhood Association Meeting to notify the neighborhood of changes to their plan for the properties at 611- 617 Baxter Avenue. He stated that the changes stem from outgrowing the property and having a need for a larger and different space to accommodate their business. They plan to move their offices to Paris Point at Broadway and Barrett.

Please see below for the original plan and the planned changes to the property. Renderings are included as PDF files, which can be saved to your computer or opened in your browser.

Irish Hill Neighborhood Association is interested in your feedback. We welcome your comments, concerns and feedback.  Please post a comment in the space provided below, or send an email to regarding these properties.


Original Plan from Alltrade at 611-617 Baxter Avenue – Mix of residential and office space as of February 6, 2014:

Here is some historical background: The properties were rezoned from R-6 Residential to C-1 Commercial. 611 Baxter would continue to be used as a residential space. 613 Baxter (the house that burned) was to be demolished and rebuilt as two residences and the rest as office space. 615 & 617 Baxter Avenue would be used as Alltrade Office space. An additional building was to be erected in the rear of 611-613-615 and used as garage / office / storage.

File: original 611-617 Baxter re-zone


New Proposed Plan – Please see attached drawings

Here is information on the new plan: 611 Baxter & 617 Baxter will continue to be rental properties. 611 residential and 617 Baxter office space – currently law office. 613 Baxter is the property with the home that recently burned and is currently vacant. 615 Baxter would be demolished in order to build a new structure. “Baxter Flats” would be erected to house 10 rental units on the upper floors, ranging from 2-3 bedroom apartments and rent would range from $800 – $1200 per Mr. Jaggers. There would be 2000 sq feet of commercial property on the ground floor. Parking will have 19 spaces in the back. They are proposing pervious landscape.

File: Baxter Flats- PR1.0

File: Baxter Flats- PR1.1

File: Baxter Flats- PR2.0 Elevations


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Irish Hill Neighborhood Association