Bring your shoes to the Festival

Do you have a pile of old shoes taking up valuable space at your house?  Don’t really know what do to with them?  Turn them into water!

Sound impossible?  It’s not.  With the help of an organization right here in Irish Hill, your old and unwanted shoes can be turned into water. Bring your shoes to the Festival and be part of the transformation.

EDGE Outreach, located at 1500 Arlington Ave at the “edge” of Irish Hill (pun intended), provides affordable clean water in places were the water sources are contaminated and cause illness, spreads disease and leads to death. There are 1.1 BILLION people do not have safe water to drink. EDGE’s system provides a way for clean water using materials that are easy to get on an ongoing basis.  They were instrumental in getting water to survivors and responders of the Haiti Earthquake, and were one of a very select group of organizations selected to help provide ongoing support in Operation Continuing Promise.

The Shoes for Water program has been collecting shoes at various locations around Louisville, including Heine Brothers Coffee, Porter Paints, churches and other businesses.  EDGE takes these shoes and is able to sell them to an exporter that sends some pairs to third-world countries. The funds EDGE receives is used to get water purification systems where clean, healthy water is not available.

Collection bins will be available at the Iris Hill Festival on September 21, 2011.  Representatives from EDGE Outreach will be on hand to show the filter system and answer any questions about what they do.