Membership Dues due now

Just a friendly reminder — If you want to be a member of the Irish Hill Neighborhood Association and want to vote on the Board or serve on the Board, membership dues need to be mailed/postmarked by June 30, 2011.

Check out our recent blog post for more information about membership, and to get a Membership Form

Breslin Park Makeover continues

Construction continues at Breslin Park.  Irish Hill Neighborhood Association contacted Metro Parks for an update and they provided some pretty nice insights.  If you subscribe to Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh’s mailing list, you may have seen a similar update, but this is the full letter that was sent to us from our inquiry. Take a look.


We are pleased to provide you and the Irish Hill Neighborhood Association an update on the construction work that is now underway in Breslin Park.

The current project scope includes construction of a sprayground, restroom building, an enlarged open multi-use playing field, reconfiguration of a portion of the playground, open plaza with shade structure, a paved walking path on the north-east side of the park, entry drive improvements with about 13 regular and two handicap parking spaces, and trees.  The current project also includes significant infrastructure improvements including surface and sub-surface drainage improvements, upgraded electric, sewer and water.

Future improvements to be funded include the west side walking path and additional park furnishings.  Fundraising is currently underway to complete these items.

At this time the deep trenching for sewer and water is complete and the rough in plumbing is underway in the restroom building.  Many piles of dirt and fill material have been placed on the west side of the park.  This material will be rough graded next week.  It is part of the fill necessary to re-configure the entire west side of the park to provide a much more aesthetic and functional open green space that can be used for a variety of activities.  Topsoil will be imported to provide a nice uniform lawn/turf area.  There is still a lot of grading work to be done on the east side.  Much of the re-grading is being done to improve drainage and to assure that all paths and paved areas are ada compliant.

The majority of this work will be complete by late September.  Trees will be installed in the dormant season beginning in November.

Please feel free to check back with us in about a month for another progress report.

Jerry Brown

Metro Parks

Assistant Director

We will keep everyone posted.  If you have any questions or comments, you are welcome to leave them comment section, below, or email us privately at info (at) irishhillneighbors (dot) org