Green Triangle Launches Website

Irish Hill has long participated in Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh’s Green Triangle initiative.  This group has looked as ways for District 9 residents and businesses to reduce, reuse and recycle more. A website is about to be launched and we encourage you to take a look at the below copied information from a recent newsletter.  

Our most current representative on the Green Triagle committee recently moved and is no longer able to participate. The Irish Hill Neighborhood Association is looking for someone to fill this role.  If you are interested in representing the Irish Hill part of District 9, please send an email to and let us know. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Green Triangle Website Launch Party

green triangle
Join us for the special launch of the Green Triangle Website on Thursday, August 18th from 6:30 – 8:30 pm at the Clifton Center, 2117 Payne Street.  Interested in out community’s sustainability?  Want to be a part of making our neighborhood more green?  Want to find out what the Green Triangle is?  Come celebrate the launch of our new website,  Get there earlyfor a special tour of the Billy Goat Hill Community Garden and showcase of a new roof and drainage system for the Bike Couriers Bike Shop at 6:00 pm.  The website will be a great new tool to help all of us increase our efforts to make the community more sustainable and teach our progress along the way.  We’ll have snacks, drinks and provide a great time!

Construction Has Begun on Breslin Park

If you have driven past the Lexington Rd / Payne St intersection, you have likely noticed the construction in Breslin Park.  After taking out the Breslin Pool, Metro Parks went to work on creating and implementing a new Master Plan.  The new design includes the upgraded playground equipment (already in place), a splash park, a shade structure and … wait for it …. TREES!  The Plan is set in three phases, and last we heard was that Phase 1 and Phase 2 would be able to be done simultaneously.

Irish Hill Neighborhood Association asked for as many trees as possible (as well as other design ideas). Originally, the planting of the trees was to be done after Phase 3 was complete.  This was mostly due to funding arrangements. After much discussion with Metro Parks and the Parks Foundation, they were able to find funding and some sizable trees that can be planted when Phase 1 and Phase 2 is completed.

Click this link –> Breslin Plan 2010 <– for a PDF of the current Breslin Park Master Plan.  Phase 1 and Phase 2 includes the spray ground and shade structure, as well as the landscaping and walking loop on the north and east side of the park.  Some of the new parking surface is included in the Phase 1 and Phase 2 construction. Phase 3 Construction is the rest of the walking loop and additional landscaping.

We will keep you posted as we have additional information.

Fogging for Mosquitoes

IHNA was just informed by Metro Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh’s office that our part of town being fogged for mosquitoes.  Please read below:

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – (August 17, 2010) Weather permitting, the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness will begin fogging for mosquitoes.  These areas are being fogged because mosquito pools gathered from these areas have tested positive for West Nile virus.  There have been no human cases of West Nile Virus in Louisville yet this year.

The following areas will be sprayed for mosquitoes this week:

Clifton Heights
N-Mellwood Avenue
E-Zorn Avenue
W-Drescher Bridge/Thompson Avenue
S-Bronsboro Road

Stilz Avenue
N-Frankfort Avenue
E-Cherry Lane
W-Godfrey Avenue/Crescent Ct
S-Lexington Road

Payne Street
N-Frankfort Avenue
E-South Ewing Avenue
W-Adams St/Cabel Street/ Buchanan St/ Baxter Ave
S-Lexington Rd/Payne Street/Cave Hill Rd

These areas are being fogged because of high mosquito counts in monitoring traps.

Mosquito fogging is done between dusk and dawn.  Mosquito fogging cannot be done if it is raining, if wind speeds exceed 10 miles per hour or if evening temperatures are above 85°F.  Fogging is usually conducted within a 7 to 10 day period. If fogging activities are canceled due to weather conditions, they will usually be rescheduled for the following weekday evening.
During fogging operations PLEASE:

  • Keep children away from the fogging vehicle.
  • Park your vehicle off the street when possible.
  • Do not tailgate or follow the fogging vehicles.
  • Do not stop the fogging truck while it is fogging.
  • Go inside and remain indoors while the fogging vehicle is in the neighborhood.

Workers will be spraying Anvil 2 +2® a product whose active ingredient is Sumethrin a synergized synthetic pyrethroid.  This product offers a very low toxicity and odor.  Pyrethroids can be used for public health mosquito control programs without posing unreasonable risks to human health.  It is registered by the US EPA and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture for use in adult mosquito control programs.   This product is biodegradable.

The Health Department will post areas to be fogged throughout the summer on its Citizens may also phone the fogging hotline at 574-6641.

Adults are encouraged to use insect repellant containing 20-35 percent DEET (N, N-diethyl-meta-tolumide) and concentrations of no more than 10% for children to reduce the risk of West Nile.  The CDC has also approved insect repellants containing picaridin and oil of lemon eucalyptus. Wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants when going outdoors will also help to reduce risk.

Citizens should also eliminate places on their property that hold standing water where mosquitoes can breed such as clogged gutters, low spots on tarps and swimming pool covers, and old tires in the back yard.  For areas where you can’t eliminate the standing water, such as in ornamental ponds, there are various products now available at large department stores, hardware, pet stores and home, garden and pond centers that will inhibit mosquito breeding.

Crime activity in the neighborhood

In the past two weeks or so, IHNA received separate emails about some crime against our neighbors:

  • I just wanted you to pass along some mischief in the neighborhood.  Someone set the recycle bin on fire at 1126 payne street in the rear parking spot. … They pulled the bin to the center of the parking spot and set it on fire. Please let people know to watch out for the alleys it’s that time of year again.
  • A friend of mine that lives down on Fern St was robbed last night sometime before midnight, he said about $4200 worth of stuff was taken. FYI

Please keep a watchful eye and report suspicious activity to the police.  If you are a victim of a crime, call the police and file a report.

Neighborhood Institute Spring 2010

IHNA received the following information from our friends at the Center For Neighborhoods:

We still have some openings for Center For Neighborhoods’ Neighborhood Institute beginning next week on Thursday, May 6th. If you have the opportunity to join one of the upcoming sessions, please stop by and greet our future community leaders.

A detailed brochure can be emailed directly to you by contacting me at

Lisa Dettlinger
Director of Membership and Development

Center For Neighborhoods
610 S. 4th St., Ste. 701
Louisville, KY 40202

502.589.0343 Office
502.905.4342 Cell

Neighborhood Institute Spring 2010


May 6, 2010 to July 22, 2010
6:00 to 8:30 pm

Each Thursday night

Shively City Hall
3920 Dixie Highway
Louisville, KY 40216

Dinner is provided.
*Funding provided by Metro United Way Community Investment Team of the Vital Neighborhoods Initiative.

Girl Scouts Recycling Program

Forever Green Capstone Event

E-Waste Recycling Day

When: May 15, 2010

Who & Why: Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana (GSK) will join forces with Global Environmental Services (GES) to address the issue of recycling electronic waste (e-waste). Get your community involved by inviting business, friends, schools and neighbors to bring items.

What: E-waste from your home or business to recycle responsibly, including:

inkjet cartridges                           radios                              DVD players

laser toner cartridges                    fax machines                     VCR players

cell phones                                 hard drives                        TV’s

computers                                  modems                           monitors

keyboards                                  printers                            copiers

and more . . .

We cannot accept household appliances. A good rule thumb is if you can put water in it, it will not be accepted, such as refrigerators, irons, bread makers, etc. There is a $5 charge on the recycling of TV’s and monitors with glass a front (not flat screens). This charge is for the cost of discharging a noxious gas contained in these items.

GES recycles 100% of its electronic waste and none of it is shipped overseas to third world countries.
How: Utilize your grassroots networking connections and spread the word! Let’s make a difference in our community!

Where: E-waste drop off locations will be in each of the five GSK service centers.

Paducah Area:  Lone Oak Church of Christ , 9AM – Noon CT.  Questions contact Ashley Levine at or (270)443-8704

Bowling Green Area:  To Be Determined, 2PM – 5PM. Questions contact Jessica Dilsaver at or (270)842-8138

Elizabethtown Area: Heartland Service Center, 200 Sycamore Street, Houchens Plaza, 10AM-2PM EST.  Questions contact LaTrice Stateman or (270)737-0060

Louisville Metro Area:  Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana Program Learning Center, 2115 Lexington Road, from 10AM-4PM EST. Questions contact Jennifer Court at or (502)636-0900

Owensboro Area:  Wesleyan Park Plaza off Frederica St., Owensboro, 10AM-2PM CST. Questions contact Kristi Harrison or (270) 684-9481

ONE mission. ONE council. ONE voice.

Take the Green Triangle Survey

The Green Triangle began formation in September of last year as a way to encourage the Ninth District to participate in sustainable activities. The idea for the name comes from the 9th District being somewhat shaped as a triangle. Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh invited neighborhood folks from Clifton, Clifton Heights, Butchertown, Irish Hill and Crescent Hill to come together and discuss their interest in green initiatives they would like to see implemented or duplicated in the Ninth District. The group met a few times in 2009 as a large group and in December, volunteers stepped up to form a “design team” to guide the process of creating a Green Triangle vision. The Design Team has been working to develop a plan to gather resident and business input about sustainability in the district, with the goal of developing a sustainability vision.
The Green Triangle Survey is designed to allow 9th District residents to communicate their perceptions, current efforts, and future desires for sustainability practices in their local area. Your opinions will help guide future sustainability efforts and initiatives near your home.
MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! The survey is available online at, and click on “Tina Ward-Pugh.” To request a paper version, contact 574-1109 TODAY! Survey is open from February 15th through Monday, March 1st.