1201 Payne Street Rezoning Outcome

The Planning Commission has approved the  re-zone of 1201 Payne from R-6 to C-1 . It is expected to be official after Metro Council votes on it, probably late March. After that, the applicants can acquire the permits needed to finish construction. A few things of note:

  1. Luigi Gelsomini is still on board to operate an Italian restaurant at the location.
  2. Operating hours will be 10 -10  Sun. to Thur. & 10 – 12 on Fri.  and Sat.
  3. The owners have secured an offsite parking arrangement for employees behind the volleyball courts.

Looking forward to the opening. Luigi promised some great salads.

Crime Notifications from LMPD

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Join Your Neighbors and Police Officers for Coffee and Conversation.

No agenda or speeches, just a chance to ask questions, voice concerns, and get to know the men and women who protect and serve you every day.

When– Wednesday February 24

Hours– 10:00 am- 12:00 pm.

Location– Vint Coffee Shop located at 2309 Frankfort Avenue. Louisville Ky.  


Lexington Road Vision Plan

Louisville Metro released a report on recommended changes to Lexington Road.  Please click the link below and review the document.


As always, the Irish Hill Neighborhood Association welcomes your comments and feedback.  (Keep it clean and respectful.) You can post your comments below, or you can email them to info@irishhillneighbors.org and we will pass them along as we move forward with the project.

Follow up meeting for former PHT Site

Edwards Communities is holding another neighborhood meeting regarding the properties along the northwest corner of Baxter and E Broadway and stretching down both roads.  This is similar to the meetings previously held regarding the former Phoenix Hill Tavern site.

While this project is officially part of the Phoenix Hill Neighborhood Association, Edwards Communities recognizes the impact the project will have on the Irish Hill Neighborhood and extends an invitation to IHNA and interested neighbors.  In summary, the meeting will be held on December 15, 2015 at 7:00pm at Highlands Community Campus, 1228 E Breckinridge St.   The attached letter explains the details of the meeting, including parking information and contact phone numbers if there are any additional questions or concerns.

Click here for a copy of the letter –> Neigh Mtg Ltr 12 15 15


Public Notice of Zoning Meeting for 1201 Payne St.

You are invited to attend a review of a proposal for a Change in Zoning from R-6 to C-1 with a Parking Waiver, Land Development Code Waiver and a Detailed District Development Plan.
Subject Property:         1201 Payne Street
Case Number:              15Zone1026
Case Manager:             Christopher Brown
Meeting Type:               Land Development and Transportation Committee
Date:                             Thursday, December 10, 2015
Time:                             Meeting will begin at 1:00pm and continue until all cases are heard
Location:                        Old Jail Building, 514 W. Liberty Street 40202
To View Documents related to this proposal, please visit:
Louisville Metro Planning and Design Services (Hours 8:00am – 5:00pm)
444 S. 5th Street, 3rd Floor, Louisville, KY 40202
 – Meeting agenda and staff report
– More information on zoning process
-Public comment opportunities
-Applications for a petition for a night hearing, including procedures to change the time and/or location of a public hearing to 6:00pm or later downtown. or to a convenient location
A list of persons notified of this proposal is available in the case file.
A person who desire special accommodations should contact the Planning Commission office at (502) 574-6230 at least one week prior to this meeting. TDD users please use the Relay Service 1-800-648-6056.

Update for 1201 Payne St

**1201 Payne UPDATE**

Greeting IH Neighbors,

Owners of 1201 Payne St want to expand the kitchen to the rear building for a proposed restaurant. To expand the property in this way, they will have to apply for C-1 zoning as they communicated in the recent public meeting at d’Orio’s. In response to neighbors’ requests, they have agreed to add several binding elements to their zoning application.

  1. Restrict future C-1 use to the following: Antiques , Galleries, Bakeries, Barber, Catering kitchen, Clothing, Computer sales, Confectionery, Dwelling (single, two-family, multifamily), Florist, Hardware, Home occupations, Interior Decorating, Music store, Photocopying, Photography shop/studio, Framing, Restaurant, Shoe repair/store, Tailor, Toy/Hobby, Vet.
  2. Restaurant service hours of Sun.-Thurs. 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat. 11am-12pm
  3. Restaurant seating capacity not to exceed 103 persons.

The owners have also asked for C-1 uses as B&Bs, Boarding & lodging, Clubs, Extended stay, Office & Tanning. The IHNA BOD is concerned about these, especially the lodging-type categories, as other neighborhoods have had issues with lack of regulation in this area. We also would recommend including other binding elements in their application such as limited lighting, signage, and offsite parking arrangements for employees to free up more street spots for residents.

Let us know what you think. Comment below and let us know what you think, or email us at info@irishhillneighbors.org.   (Comments are monitored and will not be posted if inflammatory, profane or off-topic.)

For a background on binding elements or the zoning process see louisvilleky.gov/governm…/planning-design/citizen-user-guide.
For a full list of Commercial Zoning District uses see louisvilleky.gov/gove…/planning-design/land-development-code.


Public Meeting scheduled for property at 1201 Payne St

The IHNA was sent a letter of a public notice regarding the property at 1201 Payne St (formerly Baxter Station). Below is the information about THEIR meeting. If you are an interested party and want to attend the meeting, here is the information from the property’s representative
Cardinal Planning & Design, Inc.
9009 Preston Highway
Louisville, KY 40219
(502) 419-4648 Fax: (502) 968-7077

TO: Landowners near 1201 Payne Street- Proposed Ciao restaurant
FROM: Kathryn Matheny
RE: NOTICE for Neighborhood Meeting on Proposed Zoning Change

Change is from R6 to C1 Case no. 15Zone1026

DATE: September 11, 2015

A proposal to rezone the property containing a former restaurant is being prepared for the Louisville Metro Planning Commission. The rezoning is to allow this restaurant to reopen under new ownership. Internal conversions to the building and an expansion into a former storage area do not allow this building to have “non-conforming” or “grandfather rights’ to continue operations. This existing structure will have cosmetic improvements to the outside with a more open look in the front and side street area along Cooper Street. The building will not expand and there is NO outdoor dining. Parking will continue along the street as it was for the former restaurant. A Parking study was performed in August to determine available street parking in the area at the lunch and dinner hours.

In accordance with the procedures of Louisville Metro Planning and Design Services, we are inviting adjoining and nearby property owners and neighborhood representatives to discuss this proposal before it is formally filed with that agency. The site layout has already been submitted to Louisville Metro Public Works and the Metropolitan Sewer District for review and comments. An informal meeting with the neighborhood to discuss this plan is scheduled for WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 23, 2015 at 7:00pm. The meeting will be held at DIORIOS RESTAURANT located at 919 Baxter Avenue, Louisville, KY 40204. A copy of the proposed site plan layout will be available for you to review.

At the meeting, representatives of the project will be present and answer any questions you have on the plan. You may also call me, Kathy Matheny at 502 419-4648 if you have questions about this proposal prior to the meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to address any questions you have early in the process. We encourage you to attend the meeting if you have any concerns. After this meeting, the plan will be formally submitted for review by the Metro Planning Commission and its staff. You will also receive additional notices on these latter meetings.

Property Update: 1201 Payne St Reply

Soon after sending a letter to Metro Planning and Design regarding the property development at 1201 Payne St, the following email was received from Christopher Brown:

Ms. Dettlinger,

Thank you for the input from the Irish Hill Neighborhood Association. The attached letter with concerns and opposition to the proposal have been made part of the record on file for the case. The application has currently been through a pre-application review but has not moved from that stage. The applicant is required to have a neighborhood meeting prior to formally filing for the case. Once the case has been formally filed, it will be reviewed by all required agencies. When the application has been deemed sufficient to docket, it will be docketed for public meeting before the Land Development and Transportation Committee. This public meeting will require notice to all individuals from the neighborhood meeting, 1st and 2nd tier property owners as well as interested parties signed up for notification within our email notification system linked below my email signature. At the committee meeting, a public hearing date will be set for the Planning Commission and noticed following the same required notice as LD&T. The Planning Commission, following the public hearing, will make a recommendation to the Metro Council. Metro Council will have the final decision in the rezoning process. I have also attached below a link to our citizen user guide to help outline the steps of the rezoning process and how/when to get involved. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or need further assistance. Thanks.


Christopher Brown
Planner II
Louisville Metro Planning and Design Services
444 S. 5th St. Ste. 300
Louisville, KY 40202

Property Update: 1201 Payne St

Many neighbors have been interested in the status of the restaurant property located at 1201 Payne St. Earlier this month, the Irish Hill Neighborhood Association BOD drafted and approved a letter to Louisville Metro Planning and Design regarding the application for a zoning change that was filed by the property owners.

The letter was sent, and a reply was received and is a part of the case file, which is under review. (The reply can be found here.)

As always, additional information will be provided as it becomes available and official.
Please find the letter below:
Mr. Christopher Brown
Louisville Metro Planning and Design
444 South 5th Street
Louisville, KY 40202

July 13, 2015

RE: Case ‪#‎15ZONE1026‬

Mr. Brown,
The Irish Hill Neighborhood Association (IHNA) has been made aware of an application for a zoning change by the owners of 1201 Payne St. through media coverage. The zoning change request is from R-6 with non-conforming use permit to C-2 to allow a restaurant.
IHNA does not support this zoning change. We have been in contact and working with the new owners for almost a year now. We agreed to the existing 2am alcohol license as long as they did not increase the capacity, even though Robert Kirchdorfer had suggested that a 12am license was more appropriate for the neighborhood based on comments and concerns he had received from neighbors and IHNA.

For many, many years a restaurant has ran a neighborhood friendly establishment and operated within the current zoning and the non-conforming use permit. IHNA sees no need for the zoning to change. The change to C-2 will negatively impact the neighborhood and any future business that fits that zoning classification can locate there once it is changed. The R-6 zoning allows the neighbors and IHNA to work with any future owners on a case-to-case basis.

The Irish Hill Neighborhood Association seeks to preserve and protect our residential core from any re-zoning. Our Neighborhood Plan, as adopted into Cornerstone 2020, clearly states the following goals:

  • Encourage a complementary mix of residential and commercial uses but also provide for effective separation of uses to reduce encroachment and conflict. Enforce existing zoning designations, and change zoning where appropriate. Prevent the expansion uses incompatible with the neighborhood. Support and reinforce the neighborhood residential character.
  • Increase the availability and convenience of residential parking, and reduce commercial parking and parking encroachments within residential areas. Identify and address parking encroachments. [Irish Hill Neighborhood Association, affected businesses]
  • Please let us know how we can best address our concern and disapproval for the re-zoning. IHNA would also like to know what meetings will be required and the dates for the re-zoning to occur, so that we may attend and voice our concern.

We look forward to hearing back from you as soon as possible.

Irish Hill Neighborhood Association
Board of Directors

cc: Louisville Metro Council President David Tandy
Louisville Metro Councilman Bill Hollander

Proposed Development – Baxter Flats

Dear Irish Hill Neighborhood Members,

Kevin Jaggers from Alltrade attended the last Irish Hill Neighborhood Association Meeting to notify the neighborhood of changes to their plan for the properties at 611- 617 Baxter Avenue. He stated that the changes stem from outgrowing the property and having a need for a larger and different space to accommodate their business. They plan to move their offices to Paris Point at Broadway and Barrett.

Please see below for the original plan and the planned changes to the property. Renderings are included as PDF files, which can be saved to your computer or opened in your browser.

Irish Hill Neighborhood Association is interested in your feedback. We welcome your comments, concerns and feedback.  Please post a comment in the space provided below, or send an email to info@irishhillneighbors.org regarding these properties.


Original Plan from Alltrade at 611-617 Baxter Avenue – Mix of residential and office space as of February 6, 2014:

Here is some historical background: The properties were rezoned from R-6 Residential to C-1 Commercial. 611 Baxter would continue to be used as a residential space. 613 Baxter (the house that burned) was to be demolished and rebuilt as two residences and the rest as office space. 615 & 617 Baxter Avenue would be used as Alltrade Office space. An additional building was to be erected in the rear of 611-613-615 and used as garage / office / storage.

File: original 611-617 Baxter re-zone


New Proposed Plan – Please see attached drawings

Here is information on the new plan: 611 Baxter & 617 Baxter will continue to be rental properties. 611 residential and 617 Baxter office space – currently law office. 613 Baxter is the property with the home that recently burned and is currently vacant. 615 Baxter would be demolished in order to build a new structure. “Baxter Flats” would be erected to house 10 rental units on the upper floors, ranging from 2-3 bedroom apartments and rent would range from $800 – $1200 per Mr. Jaggers. There would be 2000 sq feet of commercial property on the ground floor. Parking will have 19 spaces in the back. They are proposing pervious landscape.

File: Baxter Flats- PR1.0

File: Baxter Flats- PR1.1

File: Baxter Flats- PR2.0 Elevations


Again, your comments are welcome and can be posted below or emailed to info@irishhillneighbors.org. All comments will be reviewed and taken into consideration. Comments should be respectful and “PG.” In addition, you are welcome to share this post with others who might have an interest in this project.

Thank you,

Irish Hill Neighborhood Association