Become a Member! – It’s never too late

IHNA depends upon you, its members, to make it effective. Be a part of all the positive developments in Irish Hill by joining or renewing your membership to the Neighborhood Association. Send your membership dues to IHNA, 1305 Lexington Rd, 40204. $5 resident / $30 business per calendar year. Membership fees cover the following costs:

  • Maintain and beautify green spaces.
  • Print the neighborhood newsletters and flyers.
  • Implement projects that encourage safety, economic life, health and security.
  • Support clean-ups and social events.

We also are seeking members to serve on the Board of Directors. If you have a few hours per month to give back, we are always looking for fresh faces.

Lexington Road Transportation Plan (?)

After planning to hold a community meeting in Feb., Louisville Metro has gone back to re-do the traffic counts. Since some area road construction has wrapped, they will have better data to establish a final design and timeline for paving and adding bike lanes. In the meantime, it’s a pretty bumpy ride through the area.


Heroes Comics & Gaming Opens

Thanks to Kevin Stich and Steve Conley, IH now has an outlet for your pop culture needs.  Located at 361 Baxter Ave. they have everything you need to get your nerd on – comics, toys, collectibles and a large space for playing. Check out their gaming schedule and upcoming events at


Irish Hill Cleanup—Need Volunteers! Saturday, April 23 . 9am to Noon

Irish Hill Cleanup—Need Volunteers!

Saturday, April 23 . 9am to Noon

Meet at Irish Hill Park.  Cooper & Lexington Rd

The Irish Hill Neighborhood Association, in partnership with the Mayor’s “Give a Day” initiative, the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Brightside, is holding our spring neighborhood cleanup on April 26th from 9am until noon. Join us and students and families from SBTS as we de-litter Irish Hill. Plenty of trash bags and gloves will be provided. If you have rakes, shovels or brooms, please bring them with you. Accompanied kids are welcome. Meet at Irish Hill Park at the intersection of Cooper & Lexington Rd.

Residents and business associates are encouraged to walk to the meet up site. If you are driving, parking is available at Irish Hill Park. If you have any questions, please email us at

This event is part of the 1937 Project. What’s that? Look here:

IHNA Needs Your Tallents

If you have a few hours to spare, we sure could some help in the following areas.

  • Newsletter Distribution – We have nearly 500 households and business. It’s good exercise.
  • Picnic Planning – We like to have at least 2 kid-friendly events in Breslin Park – one in the summer and one in September for our annual meeting.
  • Tree Planting – We would like to replace some aging street trees and add some new ones.


Welcome to Irish Hill

If you are new to Irish Hill, you’ve made a great choice to live here. Irish Hill is perched on the east edge of downtown Louisville.  Its location makes our neighborhood a key to making Louisville a city in which to “live, work, and play.”  Our neighborhood carries all these qualities:  residences minutes from downtown, places of employment along the edge of downtown, and parks that anchor the ends of the neighborhood. If you have any questions, about amenities, city services, great place to eat or anything, please let us know. Email to